I know how it feels to fear for your life because of an abusive situation, but to be too afraid to leave.

I know how it feels to be unable to confide in your family and friends, or even call the police in fear of how you and the people you love could be affected.

I know how it feels to have your every move, conversation, text message and financial transaction monitored, forcing you into a state of mental paralysis.

I know how it feels to finally escape and not have the necessities with you to be able to rest and recover soundly for the first 24 hours.

I know how important ESCABAGS will be for you.

“Escabags is the first step in you becoming a SURVIVOR and no longer a victim.”

There has been little change to the current statistics you will read throughout this site, in fact they are on the rise - globally. I don't like the idea of being aware of these statistics, knowing I am part of these statistics, and not doing something to help reduce these numbers now I'm fortunate enough to be out the other end - as a survivor.

I once believed there was no way back from my trauma. I remember the feeling of complete isolation and having no control over my freedom the day I moved into a Women’s Shelter. I just wanted to vanish, to slip out the back door quietly.

Then came the flashbacks, nightmares and the PTSD diagnosis. I couldn't be any further away in the World from this person, physically I was 'safe', but mentally I was afraid my mind would never completely allow me to feel safe again. It has, and still can be a very difficult and frightening experience to try and heal from, but I am healing and I did survive.

I now believe I went through this pain and experience for a reason, maybe I was chosen? I don’t know. What I do know is that I have been strong enough to convert the pain I once felt into purpose and that purpose is to help others in a similar situation that I was once in.

I choose to personally make each Escabag, because I want the receiver (the Survivor) to know that with each stitch and with each minute that is spent on the bag being created, there was (and is) someone who cares, someone who understands and someone who believes in their inner strength to get through this incredibly difficult situation.

For every piece of material I fix and sew together I am not only helping others, but I am also continuing to heal and mend myself. The funny thing is, the only thing I can make on my sewing machine is a tote bag, and do you know where I learnt that? There was a day course organised for us all in the Women's Shelter called 'Make and Mend' and they taught us how to make a tote bag using a sewing machine. 12 months later Escabags is born - funny how things work out...!

I strongly believe that if harnessed correctly, the person who has caused you the greatest pain will ultimately be your greatest teacher and that will enable you to not just GO forward, but to GROW forward.


So, if it's you who's reading this, you the victim, they may have bruised you emotionally and/or physically, but you are not broken and you will survive, just like I did.

Take care and remember... you are not alone. x